World Golf Forum at Orlando PGA Fair!

World Golf Forum is attending for the tenth time the PGA Merchandising Fair in Orlando, Florida from 27-29th January 2016.

We will be present both in the Media Centre and at Booth 3511 where Digital Social Retail will be presenting its beacon connectivity for the golf industry.


World Golf Forum in Scotland

Richard Wax has linked up with Neil McAllister to create a series of welcoming venues for golf connoisseurs

Neil McAllister is the Founder of the Golfers’ Embassy with the following objectives:

The Golfers’ Embassy will provide golfers, regardless of how far they are from home, with a base where they feel they belong and are immediately ‘at home’.

It will offer the highest standards of accommodation and bespoke services, adding local knowledge and experience to deliver an outstanding but understated product to discerning clients.

Perhaps most importantly it will deliver memorable golf experiences with personal itineraries enabling clients to truly relax and enjoy playing some of the finest courses in the world.

Richard Wax has been involved in the creation of some thirty top quality golf courses in seventeen countries. He was the Founder of the St Andrews Golf Festival held over five days in 2012. This event reached some 500 million persons worldwide. He is Founder of the World Golf Forum which will be hosted in prestigious locations globally.

Neil and Richard have joined forces to acquire a number of prestigious properties to welcome golf connoisseurs to Scotland, the Home of Golf.

These properties will be designed by golfers for golfers. This initiative is focused on promoting the core values of golf for future generations as well as fostering friendships through our game.

The initial fundraising campaign for the first £10 million has just been launched.

Neil and Richard are seeking « Founder » investment partners, individual or corporate, to participate in this exciting venture. Their investment will be secured by the properties purchased and they will enjoy access to the properties and their facilities on a priority basis.