Site feasibility


GSL visits the site for the proposed development and prepares a note for the developer with our reaction on a wide variety of aspects of the land:

Accessibility of the location to the market
Quality of the environment from the golfing viewpoint
Risk of visual, noise, construction intrusion in the future
Potential of the land to create a world class golfing facility
Competing facilities in the surrounding area
Availability of good soil , water for irrigation
Interface with other proposed facilities in the development


Advice on the creation of the golf facility

Which type of golf course
For what market
What are the other activities on site
What would differentiate this project from the competition
Advise developer regarding the choice of the appropriate golf course architects
Create and organise a “beauty parade” of top designers or advise on a shortlist of practices who would be invited to tender
Compare designers’ proposals on cost, reputation and their understanding of the particular market for this golfing product
Assist the developer in negotiations