What is the World Golf Forum, its ambition and what are its objectives?


The World Golf Forum grew from the success of the St Andrews Golf Festival which we organised in 2012. It was hosted over five days in the Home of Golf and the event went viral reaching over 500 million persons around the world.

This was the first time that a celebration of the values of golf had taken place. The Festival evoked the special messages which golf can deliver to future generations such as integrity, respect of one’s playing partners and the environment, the fun of the game, the abidance by the rules and etiquette of golf and the admiration of the legends of the game who established the foundations on which we can build.


Objectives of the World Golf Forum

The World Golf Forum benefits from the 2012 launch to create a centre of knowledge of all aspects of the game of golf. It will have a strong Internet partner which can ensure access to this body of information all year and from wherever around the globe.

It is a not-for-profit organisation and wholly independent in its dissemination of information and advice. Good ideas for the future of golf will be accessible round the clock to contribute to the future of the game for generations to come. Golf has existed for some six hundred years and the WGF will focus on how golf clubs offer economically viable businesses so that golf will still be enjoyed during the next six hundred years!